Established in 2016, Pro8 is a father and son run family business that was set up to help people achieve their health goals and train effectively and safely without wasting a single workout.

PRO8 Micro gym aims to give all of our clients the best opportunities to create healthier habits without restrictions, offering  professional support, a limit on private memberships and mobile app guidance so no one feels like they are going through the process alone. 

Rick started of his journey playing American Football where he picked up a shoulder injury, this lead Rick down the path of Natural bodybuilding, where he is one of the most experience and decorated Natural Bodybuilders in the UK if not the world at the age of 63.  He has won numerous national and world titles.

Mitchell has had a similar journey, starting his fitness career as a Teen & Junior natural competitor until he found his love for American Football playing in his fathers number #30. This is where their journeys hit a fork in the road, Mitchell now studies Bio mechanics to help athletes and the general public regain control of their body and lives.

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