Jamie Alexander - 

Life Style Coach

Before Jamie began his career in the health and fitness industry he was overweight, extremely self-conscious and knew nothing about keeping fit or the equipment in a gym.

Fast track five years and he is a successful weight loss, toning and muscle development specialist, having helped countless people transform not just how they look, but how they live. He has also competed in a fitness model competition involving knowledge and physical capability tests, As Jamie describes, this is the hardest thing he has ever accomplished.

With Jamie's own personal experience of being overweight and self-conscious, he easily relates to anyone wishing to dispose of bad habits and creating new sustainable ones. He is testament to proving how a varied workout, balanced diet and hard work can keep a person on track to attain their health and fitness goals. Jamie says “it really can be a life-changer… learning how to eat the food you love but balancing that with exercise, making it enjoyable and not a task can change the way you live your life for the better.


"Started training with Jamie a few months ago. He’s amazing. I’ve lost loads of weight, gained a bucket load of confidence. I am on the path to being fit and healthy. Which is not something I ever thought I would be. (I was about to have a gastric bypass before I discovered him) Jamie is also a bit of a life guru... he listens and continuously supports me along my journey. It is the small things that count, the supportive text, the help with good food choices and listening to my endless complaining about different exercises that I do in my sessions. I’ve a long road ahead of me, but with his support along the way, I’ll get there.

Could not recommend Jamie highly enough. Just call him, you won’t regret it."


Jamie has a lot of skills as a Personal Trainer. He is keen to motivate and guide you through your training. You will be given a personal training plan, tailored to your needs. He also gave me dietary advice which was really helpful in my physical development.


I nervously returned to the gym earlier this year after a serious injury and getting stuck in a 'nutrition rut'. Jamie made sure to ease me back in gently so I didn't aggravate the injury, getting stronger and stronger every week with closely supervised weight training whilst eating great food that fitted my lifestyle. The support between sessions helps keep me motivated and focused and I now have a much healthier relationship with food, I don't go without the foods I love it's all about balance.


My body has changed so much and I love how healthy and strong I'm getting, at 47 I've never felt better."


I was a fitness newbie when I started training with Jamie, not really knowing what to do and staying away from certain areas within the gym but Jamie gave me the confidence and guidance to get me into the shape I am in now and help me to compete in over 10 sporting events from running to boxing. He gives great advice on all aspects, from nutrition to muscle gain to weight loss. A great PT and I can't thank him enough

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