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As the son of a dedicated bodybuilder, it was only a matter of time before Mitch followed in his father’s footsteps and compete in 2 shows naturally, but was this the right path for him ?

Mitchell followed in his fathers steps, learning the discipline and dedication needed to become a body builder however as big as these steps where he became attracted to a Team Sport, playing as a Running Back for the East Essex Sabres. At this time Mitchell had transitioned away from bodybuilding style of training to more functional training to help increase his ability in American Football. Although Body building helped him create a foundation of discipline and hard work, theses style of exercises used such as; dead lifts & Squats had NO benefit to his athletic ability, Why ? These exercises did not account for a number of variables including zero rotation, which then resulted in spinal & joint compression. This highlighted many dysfunctions within his own Biomechanics and increased his risk of injury.

This is where Mitchell's interest for human bio-mechanics started. He is now certified as a foundation level practitioner where he continues to develop the ground work with his clients to relieve their pain and increase their function. Mitchell's goal is to complete Human Biomechanics Specialist level 1 in March at the Functional Patterns HQ and then to gain further education with their level 2 and 3 courses. 

What Is Functional Patterns (FP) ?

Functional Patterns is a revolutionary way to train all humans beings, regardless of their ability, by focusing on the primal function of human mechanics which is; walking, running & throwing. All of which require slings through a Myofascia Meridians.

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I have been training with Mitch for a few months now and working on a completely new style of training. I have been used to weight training and physical sports until I got a herniated disk, scoliosis both ways and a corroded disk. I previously had acupuncture and worked with a chiropractor for over a year. The pain and discomfort reduced, but overtime it gradually began to return.

I started out with Mitch working on a new type of training known as ‘Functional patterns’. At first I was skeptical, this is due to years of focusing on weight lifting, which myself and a vast majority of population have been so used to. Now a few months in, I can honestly say it has been the best choice I have made.

We start right with the basics, learning your dysfunctions and then Mitch diagnosing and explaining (extremely well) how we will overcome them. At first, it seemed as though the training would not bring about the body change I wanted, but I was wrong. The satisfaction of understanding your body and teaching it to shake any bad habits it has picked up over the years is extremely satisfying.

I have been pain free now thanks to the amazing work Mitch has done with me and I would recommend it to anyone.



I suffered a heart attack earlier this year which amongst other problems that you might expect also highlighted a shoulder dysfunction issue materialising in an elevated left shoulder girdle and tight upper trapezius with decreased range of movement and significant pain.


Part of my rehabilitation was to use Mitchell Water’s skills with Functional Patterns to release this shoulder. Mitchell led me through a series of sessions where he used myofascial release techniques and decompression that have helped me to get full mobility and have eliminated the pain. Improvement was obvious from day one. I have learnt a lot about my own body and how it works and feel more confident in my life and ongoing rehabilitation.


Mitchell has also provided guidance so that I can continue to build on the excellent progress from our one to one sessions to give ongoing maintenance at home.


I’ve only been training with Mitch for a short while but already I have seen huge improvements both physically and mentally. For the past 10 years I have suffered with back problems which on some occasions has left me bed bound. Whilst every other professional has told me there is nothing to be done, Mitch’s knowledge and passion for FP. I can’t wait to see/feel further improvements and would highly recommend everyone, whether in pain or not, to book in with Mitch and fully understand the mechanics of our bodies.

..FP has given me such confidence that this style of training will help, not just temporarily but indefinitely


I had a Shoulder operation in Sept, unfortunately it resulted in a frozen shoulder which prevented me from raising my arm in any direction and was extremely painful.  In a few sessions of functional Patterns and fascia treatment, I am able to raise my arm a significant amount without pain. This has helped in my day to day life considerably. Ongoing treatment is improving my overall abilities and posture  which in turn is aiding my shoulder recovery.


Physiotherapy has not been successful at all so I turned to Mitchell & PRO8.


When Mitchell first contacted me regarding my back pain, I was very skeptical about the style of training he practices. I didn’t know anything about it- nor had I heard about it before. After having been to a chiropractor and also a physio; with no luck and roughly £1000 wasted- I was happy to try anything. I had been out of work for weeks after suffering with sciatica & a suspected partially slipped disc, so decided to go ahead with the training. We worked on getting me walking better to start with & I was feeling way more functional. We worked on it for a few weeks & eventually I was back at work tattooing. Being a tattoo artist, this involves me leaning over in difficult positions for hours and hours every day. After training using functional patterns, I had no pain. No pain whatsoever. I have had 2 moments since then where my back has seized up, but each time- the recovery becomes less & less. The first time was 6 weeks, the second 4 weeks & the 3rd, 1 week. This proves that this training really works & you can completely change your quality of life. I now notice when I am sitting or standing incorrectly as it feels uncomfortable which I never thought would happen. But after 6 months of training, I am undoing 26 years of dysfunctions. This training requires dedication & work at home, but it is 100% worth it. Mitchell is very patient when you are suffering with pain & very compassionate. He persists until you are ready for the next steps & I wish I had found functional patterns a lot sooner. I now live a way more pain free life & can do things I couldn’t at the beginning of the year.


I was very concerned about almost having to have a career change which was devastating, but thanks to him, I am happy tattooing & can enjoy my life again. Thankyou so much for everything!

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