Rick Waters - 

DFAC Pro Natural Body Builder

Rick discovered a passion for weight lifting in the early 80s that shaped his life for decades to come.


He trained alongside a number of experts such as former Mr Universe, Roy Perrot and the respected bodybuilder, Mike Williams. Rick gained knowledge and technique from these body building legends and went on to great success himself in the world of competitive bodybuilding.


Now in his 60s, Rick coaches the general public looking to gain the physique they have always dreamed of and up and coming stars.He also continues to win competitions, and has earned a wide range of titles including the Natural Olympia Masters Over 50 Champion and a total of 10 British, 1 European and 4 World titles.

If you would like to receive expert advice from one of the most friendly, easy going and unpretentious body building professionals, then contact Rick.



I’ve been seeing Rick 3 years now for Personal Training. 

Rick has supported and guided me through 8 competitive Bodybuilding shows to date. With Ricks experience & knowledge, 2017 was a very successful year with 2 Regional Wins and a 2nd place at the British Finals. Rick is never fazed by my continuous questions and learning from him. A true sign of a good coach who will always explain why we do things and the research behind it. As a woman who trains, Rick understand my hormones and we train appropriately for certain times of the month.

I feel truly lucky to have found Rick.

I feel very at home training in Pro8 environment.


There are so many people who have contributed to making this season of competing such a memorable year. A special heartfelt Thank you to my wonderful friend & posing coach Emmalouise Bowen-Hillson who really is a little star  in so many ways  and Rick Waters who 3 years ago introduced me to the crazy & incredible world of competing and has coached me throughout ...

...making the journey such an enjoyable time which I have embraced and loved .


 have been having personal training with my coach rick sine 2012,i first met rick at a posing practice session and i have never looked back. Rick has guided me through many competitive shows.

My 1st year with rick i won southern championships and went on to placing 3rd in two British finals with one taking me too the worlds in Alantic city.I  am now pushing 55 years of age getting stronger as i get older (age just a number}


I feel very honored too have rick as my coach and feel blessed too be part of the team


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Train with Rick...

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