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I have been training with Mitch between the 12th of march 2019 and 11th of October 2019 working on a completely new style of training to help address my back pain. I have been used to weight training and physical sports until I developed a herniated disk, scoliosis both ways and a corroded disk. I previously had acupuncture and worked with a chiropractor for over a year. The pain and discomfort reduced, but overtime it gradually began to return.

I started out with Mitch working on a new type of training known as ‘Functional patterns’. At first I was skeptical, this is due to years of focusing on weight lifting, which myself and a vast majority of population have been so used to. Now reflecting on those few months that went so quickly, i can honestly say it has been the best choice I have made.

We started right with the basics, learning your dysfunctions and then diagnosing and explaining how we will overcome them. At first, it seemed very overwhelming and although we where just focusing on something as simple as standing, i didn’t think it would be hard or that it would make any changes, but I was wrong. The satisfaction of understanding your body and teaching it how to shake the number of bad habits it i have accumulated over the years, is extremely satisfying.

I am now pain free thanks to the amazing work done with Mitch and FP.

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When Mitchell first contacted me regarding my back pain, I was very skeptical about the style of training that was FP. I didn’t know anything about it- nor had I heard about it before. After having been to a chiropractor and also a physio; with no luck and roughly £1000 wasted- I was happy to try anything. I had been out of work for weeks after suffering with sciatica & a suspected partially slipped disc, so decided to go ahead with the training.


We worked on getting me walking better to start with & I was feeling way more functional. We worked on it for a few weeks & eventually I was back at work tattooing. Being a tattoo artist, this involves me leaning over in difficult positions for hours and hours every day. After training using functional patterns, I have had little to NO pain. I have had 2 moments since then where my back has seized up, but each time- the recovery becomes quicker with Mitch and FP. 


I now notice when I am sitting or standing incorrectly as it feels uncomfortable which I never thought would happen. But after 6 months of training, I am undoing 26 years of dysfunctions. This training requires dedication & work at home, but it is 100% worth it.

Mitchell is very patient when you are suffering with pain & very compassionate. He persists until you are ready for the next steps & I wish I had found functional patterns a lot sooner. I now live a way more pain free life & can do things I couldn’t at the beginning of the year.


I was very concerned about almost having to have a career change which was devastating, but thanks to him, I am happy tattooing & can enjoy my life again. Thankyou so much for everything!

I had a Shoulder operation in Sept, unfortunately it resulted in a frozen shoulder which prevented me from raising my arm in any direction and was extremely painful.  In a few sessions of functional Patterns and fascia treatment, I am able to raise my arm a significant amount without pain. This has helped in my day to day life considerably. Ongoing treatment is improving my overall abilities and posture  which in turn is aiding my shoulder recovery.


Physiotherapy has not been successful at all so I turned to Mitchell & FP


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